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Developing Engineers with critical thinking skills and problems solver Equip yourself skills.

Summary Objective

Our short term programme offered practical tools and strategies that provide additional skills; knowledge and managerial techniques needed for professional evaluation, effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

Key Benefit

· Participants will have hands-on experience in all aspects of plant design, simulation, modelling, control and automation, SCADA, PLC e.t.c
· Industrial exposure for students/participants
· Troubleshooting and maintenance of systems
· Understand and able to write automation programming language(s)
· Sound fundamental concepts of process plants
· Understanding the important and complexity of real plants
· A key and skill(s) to get a secured job with good salary
· Opportunity to have access to industries that need someone with relevant skill(s)
· Efficient plant operations and optimization skills
· Manipulation of controllers and monitoring their effects
· Tuning the PID values of controllers
· Participants will understand the key concepts of piping/plant modelling
· Participants will be able to improved Plant performance
· E.t.c


Our training programs start at the begining of every new month. Weekdays and Weekends courses are available. We offer customised training to suit your individual specific need.

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