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Industrial Design Simulation and Automation Services Limited

Quality Management Policy

The management is committed to satisfying our customers need by providing a high quality services and to produce quality products and services safety, environmental friendly on time and within budget. 
We aim to achieve these by:

  • Implementing company policies and objectives
  • Implementing and maintaining a documents management system
  • Complying with the requirement of management system
  • Complying with statutory regulatory requirements
  •  Reviewing and revising processes, procedures, policies and objectives with the purpose of improving and developing the system
  • Provide a safe work place
  • Providing an environmentally friendly workplace
  • Providing resources including training of employees, appropriate infrastructure and work environment
  • Encourage employees participate in quality related decisions
  • Documenting responsibilities and authorities within the organisation
  • Training and educating managers and employees in benefits of operating a functional quality management system.
  • Establishing manually beneficial long term relationships within our customers
  • Consultations with employees on matters which affect them. 

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