Taking up the world toughest and daring challenges in Human Capacity Development, Research, Engineering, Marketing, Oil and Gas, Automation and Control,Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Process Plant Design, Renewable Energy  

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Process Plant Design
Industrial and Process Automation
Steady and Dynamic State Process Simulation
Window Applications
Stress Analysis ( Static and Dynamic)
Computation Fluid Dynamics
Mobile Applications
Machine Design

Hydraulic and Field Instruments

Finite Element Analysis
Software Development
Product Design
Instrumentation and Control
Fluid Structural Interaction
Scripting/Macros/Code Devlopment
'Our project execution style is rooted in partnerships that have successful executed projects over the years. Our team provides techniques and strong risk reduction for our projects. From relatively small projects to large, we apply reliable techniques to deliver results at reduced risk.'
Programmable Logic Controllers
'Our project execution capabilities approach integrates system design with a great means that helps reduce project risk, accelerate delivery and lower costs. We are dedicated, energized and committed to contributing towards greater success and excellence'
Engineering Marketing
Motio Control - Servo and Stepper Drives/Motors
Product Marketing
Variable frequency Drive (VFD)/ Inverter
/Adjustable Speed Drive
Marketing and Supply
Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Systems
Installation of Automation Materials

Our vision ...................

Our Vision is to utilise our potentials and partnership structures to actualise the prospective assets in professional business services.

Our mission .................
To delivered complete solutions and to serve our customers through broad network.
Underlying philosophy ........
To offer our customers with an unrivalled combination of process expertise and service. We deliver complete solutions which exceed the goal for products quality, return, value and uniformity
We provide services to countless industries but not limited to:
Design and Process industries
Manufacture industries
Pharmcitical industries
ICT/IT industries
Research Centers
Refinery, Oil and Gas Sectors
Government institutes
Acedamic Institutions

Power and Production industries

Industrial Solutions
Training consultation and services across the industries
Solutions for pneumatics, hydraulic, vacuum, electrical and electronics application
Commissioning Services
Marine automation
Advance SCADA automation
Design(s) Practical Training
Computer aided engineering
Industrial Troubleshooting
P & ID
Code Standard & Specification
Geometry and Shapes
Engineering Deliverables

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